The Problem

Urban Mobility Challenges

Inflexible Public Transit Options
Many communities are built far away from existing public transit lines.
Roadway Congestion
Metro roadways cannot support the vehicle influx cities are facing.
Commuter Flow
Daily AM - PM commuter patterns flowing in a single direction results in the underutilization of current transit options.
Lack of Charging Infrastructure
Upgrading current docks to provide charging solutions for light electric vehicles is not feasible due to power trenching cost.
What is Roll?

Docked eScooter Service

Roll is a system of smart mobile docks that house our fleet of electric scooters. You won’t find our scooters littering your streets - they are the reliable commuter option right where you need them, ready to go when you are.

Our docks move at the speed of your city, and we’re committed to continuous feedback from the community and city officials to optimize Roll to operate safely and efficiently for you.

Is your city ready to Roll?

Why Roll?

Key Advantages


Roll docks move. Our fleet can flex during commute hours to maximize fleet use and meet riders wherever they are.


Every neighborhood is unique. Our mobile docks move to allow you to fine tune yours with just the right number of scooters, right where you need them.

Parking &

Never see a fallen scooter on your city’s sidewalks again. Our mobile docks house every scooter and require 5x less parking space than traditional bike docks.


Our charging is done fully in-house and ensures that every scooter has enough range for the day’s rides.

Go Electric

Reduce Co2 emissions in your city.
Daily Carbon Offset
Daily Vehicle Miles Traveled Offset
200 1000 2000

scooter fleet size

Want to work with us?

Interested in learning about what we are building or want to be implemented Roll into your city?

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